Limousine Tempe Pricing Policies

We set our pricing with you in mind.

We know that it's hard to earn a dollar and easy to spend it, so we've made it our mission to make our pricing policies worth your hard earned money! We make it as obvious as possible that our customers are the reason for our success. After all, without you renting our fantastic limousines, where would we be? We've set our rates upon variables that fluctuate so there is always flexibility when it comes to your pricing, whereas other companies charge large amounts to up their profit margin. At Limousine Tempe, we think you're worth more as a returning client, and our prices reflect the savings we joyfully pass on to you.

Let us know where you're looking to travel to, how many passengers you're expecting, when you will need our vehicle, and if you're planning a specific event. This allows us to give you a completely personalized price quote that reflects the nature of your event and your needs. If the price isn't up to your standards, consider splitting the overall cost between passengers for a per-person rate that's easy for everybody to afford.

The rate that we give you is an accurate representation of 100% of the costs that will be associated with our professional transportation services. To put it simply, this means that we won't pull up to your pickup destination and charge you fees that you weren't aware of. We pride ourselves on the honesty and transparency of our pricing policies, and we believe you'll be satisfied when you reap the benefits of our savings!