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Tempe Party Bus is a your go-to company for top notch limousine transportation, amazing customer service, and savings that can't be beat. When you find yourself in the great state of Tempe with a group of individuals needing transportation that goes beyond your boring sedan, we're the company to call! No matter what it is you're getting into in Tempe, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or bar hopping adventure with your friends, you'll find our limousines to be especially accommodating. No matter if you're looking for something for a casual event or elegant happen stance, Party Bus Tempe is here to service all of your transportation needs.

With a Tempe Limousine, you'll find yourself in comfortable relaxation while our driver deals with all of the stressors that you would have otherwise been dealing with! When it comes to dealing with traffic, getting directions, rounding everybody up in one spot, and finding a designated driver, the presence of our amazing chauffeurs gets rid of all of these worries. It's safe to say that a limousine from Limousine Tempe will be a fantastic addition to your night of fun in Tempe.

Let's go a little further into detail about the reasons that renting transportation from us is such a smart idea. If you're like most of us, you work hard all week and perhaps even have a long commute, and the last thing you want to do is spend your weekend commuting to your leisure destinations too! That's where a beautiful limousine bus and a professional driver can really make a difference. You can kick back and enjoy the ride, never having to think twice about navigation, traffic, or parking. You'll be dropped off and picked back up right at the door and you will travel in the absolute lap of luxury!

Our vehicles are state of the art, world class vehicles that will impress you and all of your guests, whether it's a casual party or a business event! We serve all types of events, and events of all sizes, so there is no limit to what types of soirees we are appropriate for! Impress your clients or entertain your good friends. Maybe a mix of both! It's not unusual. Nothing is unusual in this business, we have seen it all! And we serve all types of events with the same high quality service and dedication to quality.

If entertainment features are what you are seeking, we have got them all. Stunning HD television sets to please your eyes, booming stereo systems to rock your ears, and of course glowing lighting that will put you in a mood. Our seating is the most comfortable that you will find and you'll enjoy the seating layouts that let you converse comfortably with your guests instead of craning your neck in a cramped car! We want you to be able to stretch out and enjoy yourself, and in our vehicles, you can definitely do so!

It really doesn't matter whether you're planning an elegant wedding or a really wild night out, we can take care of all your needs. Our office is staffed with experts who really know all about the planning process for these events, so if we can suggest some local hot spots or give you some tips on how to maximize the fun at your party, do let us know! We're always happy to help in any way that we can. Also be sure to ask about special packages that may apply to your event, such as our wedding packages which include wedding day decor and bottles of champagne!

If you give us a quick call tonight or send us an email, we can give you an instant price quote. No personal info is required for this and there's no obligation to do business with us. If you like your quote, you can book your bus right away or any time at your convenience. All we need is a quick credit card deposit and you'll have locked down your desired vehicle for the time and date of your event! We're open 24/7 all year round, so give us a call right now!

Vehicle Features

  • Seating for up to 20 passengers
  • Contemporary leather interiors
  • Modern televisions with DVD player
  • Newly installed stereo with iPod connectivity and CD player
  • Bars and coolers for your drinks
  • Neon lighting throughout
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Dance pole

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